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Everyone Made Stone Tools: Exploring Methodology in Lithic Analysis

We would like to invite you to participate at an upcoming conference, Everyone Made Stone Tools: Exploring Methodology in Lithic Analysis. This conference emerged as part of a discussion carried out at the Northeast Graduate Archaeology Workshop (2010) at Brown University. The organizers, listed below are seeking researchers (faculty or graduate students) interested in discussing wider aspects of lithic technology.

This conference, hosted by the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World at Brown University, will be held between the 14th-15th October of 2011 and will focus on creating a dialogue between archaeologists studying widely different temporal and geographic topics. The goal is to encourage novel applications of analytical methods, interdisciplinary collaborative research, and comparative approaches to technology and behavior. This will be a two-day conference at Brown University.

This conference is dedicated to discussing approaches to lithic analysis, concentrating on specific results that demonstrate how different techniques function as well as their potential for broader application in archaeological studies. In general we are interested in receiving submissions that deal with the following aspects of lithic analysis and technology:

·Methodology of analysis
·Experimental and replicative research
·Extraction and acquisition of raw materials
·Manufacture and production
·Issues of technology and techniques
·Gender and agency
·Other lithic technology including ground stone, gunflints, etc.
·Ethical concerns

If you are interested in presenting or submitting a poster, please respond (by indicating interest or abstract) to this letter by April 30th, 2011. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please contact us at everyonemadestonetools@gmail.com.

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