domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2016

2th edition - 2016 AAA - Student grant to participate in conferences

Grant information

AAA (Association of Archaeology of Algarve) in collaboration with NAP are glad to announce the opening call for students grant for travelling support to participate in scientific conferences related to Archaeology. The aim of this grant is to allow and incentivize the students from B.A. to PhD from the University of Algarve to attend and participate in international conferences to present their research with a poster or a paper. To apply, the students must read and agree with the requirements and obligations of the grant and complete the form. The attribution of the grants will be decided by AAA. The criteria for grant attribution will be based on the relevance and quality of the theme and abstract proposal. The grant has the purpose to give a help covering some of the costs and not ensuring all the expenses. The grants attributed should vary between 100 and 300€, depending on the application. The application must be send to NAP will receive the application forms and forward to AAA consideration. The call for grant application is open during the year and the number of grants is limited.


1.       The student must attend any degree of Archaeology and Heritage of University of Algarve (B.A., M.A., PhD);
2.       The student must be able to speak English;
3.       The student must fulfill the form application grant;
4.   The student must send a proof of abstract for poster or oral presentation accepted by the scientific committee of the conference.

Obligations of the grant

  1. The AAA and NAP logos must be included in the presentations;
  2. The students are committed to present their papers also in Algarve (University of Algarve or in AAA);
  3. The students must keep and present the receipts from the grant money expenses.
  4.  The students must sign a declaration form where they are obligated to return the money of the grant to AAA in case they would not be able to attend the conference.

Send an email to asking for the application form to apply!