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Symposia of the XVIth Congress UISPP

The XVIth Congress UISPP (International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, CHISP, UNESCO) will be held from September 4 to 10, 2011 in Florianopolis (Brazil).

General themes chosen for the XVIth Congress are:
• Prehistoric and protohistoric: Archaeology and Environment,
• Theory, methods and new techniques of Archaeology,
• Transoceanic archeology,
• The first Americans and the humanity’s origins,
• Public archaeology in Latin America and beyond,
• Conservation of archaeological heritage,
• Organization and practice of archeology,
• Scientific research for professional development, education and training of young archaeologists
• Role of archeology and knowledge dissemination in contemporary society

General sessions will be devoted to these topics. A list of specialized symposia (still being finalized) has been proposed by various committees of the UISPP. Other conferences specific to the archeology of Latin America will be proposed by the Brazilian Society of Archaeology.

1. Mobility in prehistoric societies and oldest societies: the crossing of straits and branches F. Djindjian (France) & J. Kozlowski (Poland)
2. Mobility in prehistoric societies and oldest societies II: strategies for populating in a mountain environment S. Grimaldi (Italy), Mr. A. De Masi (Brazil), S. Cope (Brazil)
3. Neolithic in the World. Comparative aspects between the Neolithic emergence foci: Middle East, Far East, Mesoamerica and South America, Africa, New Guinea J. Guilaine (France), J. Kozlowski (Poland)
4. The beginnings of metallurgy I: first metal objects in prehistoric and historical societies around the world: comparisons, techniques and processes. J. Bourgeois (Belgium), B. Florenzano (Brazil)
5. The beginnings of metallurgy II: Gold & Silver: Mineral processing and Metallurgy A. Jockenhovel (Germany), R. Lleras (Colombia), C. Rodriguez (Colombia)
6. Landscape Archaeology I: reconstructing the ancient landscapes S. Robert (France), M. da Conceição Lopez (Portugal)
7. Landscape Archaeology II: Applications of geographic Information systems to the major archaeological areas H. Kamermans (Netherlands), N. Ricetti (Brazil)
8. Landscape Archaeology III: Archaeological prospecting A. Posdluchny (Germany), Ch. Ostir (Slovenia), A. Araujo (Brazil)
9. Theoretical Archaeology I: New trends in theoretical archaeology F. Djindjian (France), E. Gois Neves (Brazil)
10. Theoretical Archaeology II: the "New Archaeology", 50 years after X, L. Lumbreras (Peru)
11. Theoretical Archaeology III: Archaeology of deconstruction R. Lopes Bastos (Brazil), G. Velho (Portugal)
12. Intellectual and spiritual expressions of preliterate peoples E. Anati (Italy), L. Oosterbeek (Portugal), U. Bertilsson, D. Schaan (Brazil), F. Comerlato (Brazil)
13. Ethnoarchaeology V. Roux (France), G. Politis (Argentina)
14. Underwater archaeology, lake and coastal A. Figueiredo (Portugal), Fl. Calippo, G. Rambelli, M. Dulce Gaspar (Brazil)
15. Archeology of arid and desert areas B. Barich (Italy), B. Santander, G. Martin (Brazil)
16. Prehistoric mines F. Bostyn (France), C. Magno (Brazil)
17. Opportunistic cutting and complex processes S. Cura (Portugal), A. Prous (Brazil)
18. Virtual reality in Archaeology G. Lucet (Mexico), E. Gonzalez, P. Zanettini (Brazil)
19. Archaeology and computer science J. R. Pellini (Brazil)
20. Cosmic impacts and volcanoes: what role in human evolution and culture? Cl. Albore, J. P. Raynal (France), L. Nuсoz (Chile)
21. The pre and protohistoric cultural heritage N. Sanz (Spain), U. B. de Meneses, M. Cl. Migliacio (Brazil)
22. Laws and strategies in Archaeology I: preventive archeology: methods, research and society J. Gassowski (Poland), E. Robrhan-Gonzalez (Brazil)
23. Laws and policies in Archaeology II: Conservation and protection of monuments and sites J. Gassowski (Poland), P. P. Funari (Brazil), L. Dominguez (Cuba)
24. Laws and Policies in Archaeology III: Quality management in the excavation and conservation of pre and protohistoric sites M. Quagliuolo (Italy), R. Lopes Bastos, R. J. Dias (Brazil)
25. Laws and Policies in Archaeology IV: Museums & general Public C. Bruno (Brazil), G. Kaenel (Switzerland)
26. Laws and Policies in Archaeology V: Accessibility and social distribution of cultural heritage and knowledge of the past F. Dantas (Brazil), C. Derani (Brazil)
27. Society and Archaeology I: The Fabrication of knowledge based on Science and tradition E. Robrhan-Gonzalez, R. Lopes Bastos (Brazil), J. A. Fernandes Dias (Portugal)
28. Society and Archaeology II: Archaeology of lost societies: injured identities and broken memories R. Lopes Bastos, H. Collado, A. Zarankin (Brazil)
29. Man and Climate: Human solutions to environmental changes L. Oosterbeek (Portugal), W. Neves (Brazil), S. Mendonça (Brazil)
30. Archaeology of the 0 line (equatorial archaeology) S. Rostain (France) & E. Gois Neves (Brazil)
31. Guaranis archeology J. Cereza (Brazil)
32. Rupestrian art Mila Simoes de Abreu (Portugal), Cris Buco (Brazil)

The Congress website is http://xviuispp.ning.com. You must register for the Congress by logging on http://xviuispp.webnode.com site and fill out the application form. The registration fee is 100 €. If you find any difficulties or have any request, please contact the Congress Organization at the following email addresses: xviuispp@arqueologiapublica.com and atendimento@documentocultural.net.

It is important to book your ticket and hotel in Florianopolis as soon as possible, to qualify for the best prices on flights now opened for booking on airlines, and the best rooms in hotels near the University or the beach. Free shuttle buses will join the university to the hotels located within fifty kilometers from the University of Florianopolis in the peninsula. Tours will also be offered before and after the congress inside Brazil to visit the most famous archaeological sites (see the conference website).

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