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Colloque UISPP Commission 8 - Liège 2012

The next symposium of UISPP Commission 8 “Upper Palaeolithic” will be held from 29 to 31 May 2012 in the University Theatre at the University of Liège (Belgium), place du XX août 7, B-4000 Liège. The three days will include a series of communications organised by theme.
The first day (29 May) will be organised conjointly with the FNRS Contact Group “Prehistory”. At this time, a talk by Emilie Maj on the modes of displacement among the Yakut (Eastern Siberia) will be presented at 8:00 pm in the Theatre.
A meeting of Commission 8 will be held on 30 May at 8:00 pm. At its conclusion, a buffet for all of the participants will be available.
Communications will last 20 minutes maximum, followed directly by 5 minutes of questions. If time permits, possible discussions will be organised by theme.
Conference participants should send their abstracts (one page maximum) to the Symposium Secretariat before the end of March 2012.
We expect to publish the Acts rapidly, in 2013. Specific instructions to authors will be sent later.
During the symposium, the ERAUL publications will be on sale at special reduced rates. British Archaeological Reports (BAR) will also be present. Other publishers are welcome.

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