quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2012

Metal as a Measure for Wealth

There will be a conference in Italy in April on experimentation with Ancient Minting, taking place 13-15 April, at the Antiquitates Centre for Experimental Archaeology, Civitella Cesi (Blera-VT). Antiquitates is EXARC member.

· Friday: Experimentation and dissemination of scientific knowledge
· Saturday: Experimentation and metallurgic archaeology
· Sunday: Poster session and Concluding discussion

The registration fee is EUR 50. This covers attendance of all congress sessions and also the meals. Payments can be made on site at the registration. A registration form can be obtained from: archeosperimentale@antiquitates.it.

Last year’s conference at the Antiquitates Centre laid the groundwork for establishing a protocol on how to conduct scientific experiments that would be agreed to and accepted by everyone concerned. One of the aims of the upcoming conference is to pursue a debate aimed at working out common strategies and methodologies that can open the way to an innovative conception of archaeometallurgic experimentation. The program has two purposes: first, to review the potential and applications of experimental archaeology in teaching and disseminating knowledge of the numismatic branch of ancient metallurgy; and second, to bring together scholars of archaeometallurgy and of ancient and medieval numismatics and professional European-level experimenters, in order to analyse the problems of this field of study and contribute to the drafting of an international experimentation protocol. During the three-day meetings, experts and experimenters will join forces to suggest and plan the best methods to obtain the maximum scientific results from the experiments. These methods will be field-tested at the Antiquitates Centre.

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