terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2012

6th Experimental Archaeology Conference

Following the 6th Experimental Archaeology Conference at York this month, we are pleased to announce that a website providing an archive for the conference series and news on upcoming conferences has been created:

This informal site contains the details of all past Experimental Archaeology Conference sessions in the UK, and archival information on:
  • Titles and authors of all past papers given at the Conference;
  • Where available, abstracts and references for oral papers;
  • Websites or links to the work of authors, host or contributing organisations;
  • Copies of posters displayed during the conference;
  • Abstracts of workshops and associated activities;
  • Published conference reviews;
  • Details of current and future publications arising from the Conference.

It is hoped that the website will also provide news on upcoming Conferences and associated activities. Abstracts and posters are published only with authors' permission, and anyone with material related to the past six conferences at UCL London (2006), Exeter (2007) Aberdeen (2008), Edinburgh (2009), Reading (2011) and York (2012) is encouraged to contribute. In particular we are seeking further information relating to publications that may have arisen from papers or posters given, and any conference reviews or photographs relating to the conference.

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