quinta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2015

AAA Lecture 3rd March - Maria del Carmen Moreno Escobar - Rome's Mediterranean Ports

On next 3rd March 2015 a lecture about "Rome's Mediterranean Ports" will be presented by Maria del Carmen Moreno Escobar on AAA in São Brás de Alportel.

"One of the main facts that should be considered when discussing the Roman Empire is that this was a highly complex historic entity whose nature and characteristics changed greatly across time. From the requirements of Rome being a city that started to control other cities in its vicinity, to being the owner of an empire that covered all territories surrounding the Mediterranean Sea (or Mare Nostrum), Rome had to adapt locally the structure of its Empire. This fact had a definitive influence on the development of the different provincial landscapes. Although so far research has focused mainly on the description of the occupation of space during the Roman period, a deeper knowledge about the organisation of the provincial landscapes is required in order to better understand the people that inhabited and shaped them. In the last years, and according to these concerns, a number of studies have applied different approaches and techniques for exploring these aspects of the Roman Empire, with a high level of success. In the case of Lusitania, the opportunity for applying these new approaches is clear. Accordingly, this talk will focus on a number of topics: (I) the occupation of Lusitania, specifically its southern and western areas, (II) the advantages and disadvantages of applying diverse approaches for understanding the organisation of its provincial landscapes, (III) the role of both land and sea networks on its configuration and development, and (IV) some preliminary results that will contribute to the understanding of the provincial landscape of Lusitania."

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