sexta-feira, 6 de abril de 2012

36th Hauptversammlung der Deutschen Quartärvereinigung

Dear colleagues

On behalf of the organizing committee of the 36th Hauptversammlung der Deutschen Quartärvereinigung e.V. (DEUQUA 16.-20.9.12 in Bayreuth) around Prof. Ludwig Zöller I would like to invite you to the session below, which will be held in English and German language and which might be of interest to you.
DEUQUA is granting all HOG members the same reduced fees as for its own members. Registration and more details can be found at
Please, forward this invitation to all colleagues who might be interested.

Daniel Richter

DEUQUA 2012 Session:

The cause of human biological and cultural evolution is often claimed on grounds of geological/climatological changes (geo determinism). However, the discussion is often led by ideologies and the evidence for the
claimed causal connections is not well founded, while having to be questioned in principle. Furthermore, for more recent periods humans are actively involved and not only 'suffer' but are also the cause environmental change.
The session "Lithic human societies and environmental change - The archaeology of environmental risk" will examine the interaction of humans and the environment with approaches combining archaeological and
geological aspects/topics. Is it possible to link changes or aspects of the archaeological record to environmental risks and correlate these to climatic changes? In this wide range of themes presentations on the presence/absence of humans (D/O cycles, glacial maximum, etc.), subsistence changes as a reaction to environmental change, human caused environmental changes (e.g. colluviation, etc.), are welcome.

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