segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2011

Workshop - Flakes not Blades

SHOULDER GLANCE RESEARCH - International Symposium at the Neanderthal Museum

With the Upper Paleolithic (about 35,000 before present) long narrow stone artifactswin in the tool of the hunter-gatherers in importance. These so-called blade-likemass is a prerequisite for the manufacture of tools, only through them can emergefrom almost identical series of peaks, scratches, inserts and much more.

Nevertheless, such blades make the total amount of a group finds from this period, only about half the remainder are reductions. What were these discounts? Why does the Stone Age man is not contented with blades? In research, these issues were previously covered only by the edges.

Under the heading "flake not Blades - Discussing the role of flake-production at theonset of the Upper Palaeolithic" ("The significance of the advance-production at the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic"), the Neanderthal Museum in collaboration withthe University of Ferrara (Italy) Last week an international conference aimed. The participants from across Europe have been intensively discussed and alive on the presentations. Thus the event a great success for all. At the end of the year if all goes well, appear in our own series 'Scientific publications' a band with various articles of the conference participants.

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