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The 14th Annual Iron Age Research

The 14th Annual Iron Age Research
Student Seminar
Durham University - 27-29 May 2011

Abstracts are now being accepted!

The Iron Age Research Student Seminar (IARSS) is an annual event organised by and hosted by research students at different archaeology departments around the UK. It provides a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for students to present their research as well as to network with other students and early career researchers. 2011 marks an important year for the study of the Iron Age in Britain, as it has been ten years since Understanding the British Iron Age: An Agenda for Action (Haselgrove et al. 2001) was published. This volume has provided a backbone for research as well as debate, but deserves to be reviewed after the past decade of research. This will form a central organisational theme for the student work presented.

Funding for this conference was provided by the Graduate School at Durham University
Please direct any inquiries to IARSS.2011@gmail.com

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