sexta-feira, 21 de maio de 2010

VI Internacional Symposium on Spatial Archaeology

The purpose of the VI International Symposium on Spatial Archaeology: Archaeology on Population is to probe into some of the themes currently under the greastest demand in archaeological research, such as Archaeology of the Population, wich involves implications in aspects as important as demography and population magnitudes, the social structures of kinship and class relatioships, individuals within their space, both domestic and funerary, and migratory processes.

Like the previously celebrated Symposiums on Spatial Archaeology there are no pre-arranged lectures. A summary of papers should be sent before 30th May, subsequent to their assessment by the Scientific Committee. They will be published before the Symposium in issue number 28 of the journal Spatial Archaeology, wich will be sent to all registered attendees. The Symposium will take place from 24th to 27th November and will exclusively focus on the discussion of all papers. All interventions will be recorded, transcribed and published in issue number 29 of Spatial Archaeology.

The organizers are the Teruel Seminar of Archaeology and Ethnology, the Hiberus Group of Excellence and the Department of Ancient Sciences of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences from the Universtiy of Zaragoza.

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