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International Conference on Use-Wear analysis | Faro, 2012

First announcement

Dear colleagues,
Taking into account the unquestionable success of the last scientific meetings on the development of use-wear studies in archaeology over the last two decades, we are pleased to announce that we are organizing an International conference on use-wear analysis. Since Verona (2005), “Prehistoric Technology, 40 Years Later: Functional Studies and the Russian Legacy", many projects and data have been developed. Thus, a new meeting will be the perfect setup to present ongoing projects. Subjects are open to all different use-wear approaches, such as theory and method, archaeological artifacts, and residue analysis. The meeting will take place between 10th and 12th October 2012 at the University of Algarve, Portugal. For all those interested researchers there is more information at www.usewear2012.com, the official meeting website.

Time table:
Second announcement and call for papers – 01.October.2011
Third announcement (accommodation, venue, etc.) - 01.January. 2012

Thank you!
Best regards

The coordinators:
Nuno Bicho (UAlg) – nbicho@ualg.pt
Juan Gibaja Bao (CSIC – Barcelona, Spain) - jfgibaja@imf.csic.es
João Marreiros (UAlg) – jmmarreiros@ualg.pt

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