sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

Journal of Human Evolution

Volume 59, Issue 1, Pages 1-154 (July 2010)

Stratigraphic context and direct dating of the Neandertal mandible from Cova del Gegant (Sitges, Barcelona)

J. Daura, M. Sanz, A.W.G. Pike, M.E. Subirà, J.J. Fornó, J.M. Fullola, R. Julià and J. Zilhão

Using genetic evidence to evaluate four palaeoanthropological hypotheses for the timing of Neanderthal and modern human origins

Phillip Endicott, Simon Y.W. Ho and Chris Stringer

Subsistence activities and the sexual division of labor in the European Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic: Evidence from upper limb enthesopathies

Sébastien Villotte, Steven E. Churchill, Olivier J. Dutour and Dominique Henry-Gambier

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